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The first-generation Overseas Compatriot Card was a special offer card for purchases; the second-generation “i Compatriot Card”, in addition to providing special offers, is a customer service card for the OCAC to identify service subjects. Only with correct information about overseas compatriots can the OCAC provide precise overseas.

The “i Compatriot Card” is a new virtual digital card—with the card, for purchases at authorized stores in Taiwan and overseas, holders can enjoy related special offers at stores and special project prices for self-paid health examinations at domestic medical institutions. It will also be used as the basis for providing smart overseas compatriot services (such as when registering for OCAC activities, input “i Compatriot Card” to login to email or card number to enter personal information, with repeat filling in not required.

The “i Compatriot Card” is only used for purchases at authorized stores by the holder. It does not have credit card or stored value function. It is only combined with initial identification for OCAC digital smart services. The card cannot be used to legally claim the overseas compatriot identity.

To move towards “Intelligent Overseas Community Affairs Council  (OCAC)”provide precision services that better match the needs of overseas compatriots, the OCAC has planned the upgrading of its Overseas Compatriot Card and issue of the I-Compatriot Card to break through the limitations of time and space using the virtual card cloud service to become a new channel for the government to provide convenient cross-border services .

Characteristics of the i Compatriot Card 

1.The first-generation Overseas Compatriot Card is an exclusive offer card for purchases, while the i Compatriot Card has been expanded to be      an exclusive offer card, contact card and service card, offering the following exclusive services:

(1) When registering for overseas compatriot activities, automatically input of basic information.

(2)Instant receipt of customized service.

(3)Discount and exclusive offers from specially authorized stores around the world.

2.Personal data protection and cyber security protection both upgraded: The i Compatriot Card adopts the highest international standard   for personal data protection and has enhanced cyber security measures that meets government information and communication security requirements and allow the holder to use the card without worry!

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